The Differences Between the TREMEC T-56 & Magnum 6-Speed

TREMEC T-56 and Magnum 6-Speed Differences. Of all the misnomers we encounter in the automotive aftermarket, one of the most common stems from the confusion surrounding the TREMEC T-56 6-speed transmission

Hanlon Modified Tremec TR-3650, Perfect For Coyote & LS Swaps!

A 1992 science fiction movie, Universal Soldiers, portrayed revived Special Forces members who had been killed in action. These soldiers were used for missions beyond the scope of modern special warfare

Andrew Hanlon Is On The Hunt To Be The Coyote King with his Pristine 5.0 swapped FoxBody

Making the most of the great gift of time he’s been given courtesy of the Coronavirus, NMRA Richmond Gear Factory Stock racer and stick-shift aficionado Andrew Hanlon is on the hunt for quicker time slips

The All-New Tremec TKX 5-Speed Manual Transmission

TREMEC is pleased to announce the release of the new TKX, a 5-speed RWD manual transmission developed solely for the aftermarket. For the development of the new transmission, TREMEC engineers took a forward