01-04 TR-3650 5-Speed Transmission


Coyote Swap / Factory Replacement Stage 2 Transmission

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Designed and manufactured by Tremec, the TR-3650 is a 5-speed manual transmission that was first introduced in the 2001 Ford Mustang GT & Cobra’s. They were installed halfway through 2001 replacing the T-45. FoMoCo needed a stronger gearbox that could withstand additional torque output, so they turned to Tremec for a redesign.

Today, HMS rebuilds & customizes the Tremec TR-3650 and offers various options given the customer’s specific needs. The TR-3650 uses a 3pc 1-2 advanced synchronizer design, and carbon-lined synchro rings for 3-4-5 & reverse which are standard in every build. HMS has enabled the popular Tremec 3650 to be a legitimate option in a world so often dominated by Tremec’s other products like its five-speed heavy-duty transmissions, TKO-500 and TKO-600, and its six-speed transmissions, such as the T56, TR6060 & Magnum units.

Considering the vehicle’s weight, power, traction/tire size, and even driving style. A modified TR-3650 can fit a lot of different combinations, and is an affordable alternative to other Tremec Transmission units.

Standard Features:

  • HMS Modified 01-04 Tremec TR-3650 Transmission
  • Perfect for Coyote Swaps or Factory Replacement Upgrade
  • 3PC 1-2 Rings – Advanced Synchronizer Design
  • Carbon-Lined Synchro Rings 3-4-5, & Reverse
  • Horsepower Rating –  600HP
  • Input Shaft – 26 Spline
  • Output Shaft – 31 Spline
  • Choice Of .62 or .68OD
  • Dry Weight – 120 lbs
  • 1 Shifter Location
  • Electronic Speedo Only
  • Integrated Bellhousing – Fits 4.6L, 5.0L, 5.4L Modular Engines

Gear Ratios: 1st Gear: 3.38, 2nd Gear: 2.0, 3rd Gear: 1.32, 4th Gear: 1.00, 5th Gear: 0.62 or 0.68OD OPTION

NOTE: This HMS TR-3650 will fit most Foxbody, SN95, New Edge, and other Muscle Car vehicles equipped with any 4.6L, 5.0L, or 5.4L modular engine. May require additional items, or tunnel clearance. All Coyote Swap / Factory Replacement Stage 2 transmissions require a $600.00 core charge or exchange unit. All TR-3650 units are custom built to order, and may require up to TEN weeks turn around time. Shifter is not included.

Additional Cost Options:

  • Billet 1-2 Shift Fork
  • Billet 3-4 Shift Fork
  • Bronze Shift Fork Pads
  • .81OD 5th Gear Option
  • 9310 High Strength Gear Kit w/ 2.90 1st Gear
  • PRO 5.0 or UPR Products Shifter

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