Ram Clutches Street Hydraulic Kit 78132 – Ford TKO/TKX


Fits Ford Tremec Transmission with any clutch

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SKU: HMS-78132



  • 1 3/4 Compressed Length w/ 0.700 Travel
  • Enhanced Adjustability Street Hydraulic Kit
  • Features Larger O-Ring Seals and Teflon Backup Rings for Enhanced Durability
  • Fits Ford Tremec Transmission HD
  • Includes Mounting Hardware, and Bleeder Kit


Reliable. When upgrading to handle more power people will replace their clutch and flywheel, but will often forget to upgrade their stock Hydraulic Throwout Bearing and this can cause serious problems with gear engagement. So upgrade to the new Ram Clutches Street Hydraulic Kit.

Adjustable. Ram Clutches Street Hydraulic Kit bearing is a floating design and installation is simple and quick.

Application. Ram Clutches hydraulic release bearings are designed for stock applications, kit car build ups, or circle track. The bearing is a floating design and installation is simple and quick. Optimal uses for this bearing are cars utilizing stock style clutches, or any project car in which fitting mechanical linkage is not possible. The bearing requires a minimum 3/4 inch bore master cylinder and a -3AN feed line to run from the master to the bearing. A remote bleeder kit is available to make bleeding simple from outside the bellhousing. All parts necessary for rebuild are available from Hanlon Motorsports.

Note. Ram Clutches Street Hydraulic bearings are not a direct replacement part and may not be suitable for every clutch, flywheel, and bellhousing combination. Measurement and positioning required to insure a proper fit. To determine if a Ram Clutch bearing will fit your application, please visit our website.

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