HMS WC T5 Bearing & Seal Kit


World Class T5 Bearing Kit

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  • T-5 Transmission Bearing Kit
  • 13 Piece Kit
  • Fits 1985 to 1995 Ford World Class T5 Transmissions
  • Fits 1988 to 1992 GM World Class T5 Transmissions

Increases Transmission Life. Is your T-5 transmission starting to not shift like it should? This bearing kit will renew your transmissions shift quality by replacing the worn out components getting it back to factory form.

Quality. When you’re adding performance parts to your vehicle, you can’t go wrong by installing parts from the folks that know it best. All parts are of OEM quality.

Application. This Hanlon Motorsports 13 piece T-5 Transmission Bearing Kit is designed for use on 1985 to 1995 Ford World Class T-5 manual Transmissions and 1988 to 1992 GM World Class T-5 Transmissions. Please specifiy GM or Ford when ordering.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in