HMS TR-3650 Adapter Plate


Fits 01-04 & 05-10 TR-3650 Transmissions




  • HMS Exclusive Tremec TR-3650 Adapter Plate
  • Bolts TR-3650 to Tremec TKO/TKX, GM Muncie, Saginaw, or Ford Toploader Depth Bellhousings
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Fits 01-04 & 05-10 TR-3650 Transmissions
  • Adapts to Aluminum or Steel SFI Bellhousings
  • Includes (2) Locating Dowel Pins, A Front Seal, And a 90° Vent Fitting
  • Also Perfect for LS Swaps, or Most Engine Combinations


Premium Quality. When you’re adding performance parts to your vehicle, you can’t go wrong by installing parts from the folks that know it best. This HMS TR-3650 Adapter Plate is made from high quality billet aluminum construction and is CNC machined to fit with Ford or GM applications. This HMS TR-3650 Adapter Plate will include (2) locating dowel pins, a front seal, and a 90° vent fitting.

Application. This Hanlon Motorsports TR-3650 adapter plate replaces the integrated factory bellhousing and allows the popular factory 01-04 & 05-10 TR-3650 transmissions to be adapted to a GM Muncie, Saginaw, Ford Toploader or Tremec TKO style bellhousing.

Note. This HMS TR-3650 adapter plate requires a Ford bearing retainer (p/n HMS-3650-APBRFORD) or GM bearing retainer (p/n HMS-3650-APBRGM), a Tremec input & cluster shim kit (p/n HMS-TCKT1739) and a input shaft depending on bellhousing depth or vehicles horsepower rating. ALL TR-3650 INPUT SHAFTS ARE FORD PILOT TIP. IF USING FOR A GM APPLICATION, PILOT TIP MUST BE TURNED DOWN TO GM PILOT TIP OR MAKE A CUSTOM PILOT BUSHING.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 9 in

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