In 1996 Ford switched to the 4.6 Modular engine in Mustangs and at the same time installed the new T-45 transmission. V6 Mustangs continued to use the T5 transmission. Ford used the T-45 from 1996 through 1999 and there were slight differences between the GT and Cobra T-45's. In 2000 Ford replaced the T-45 with the 3650. Torque rating is 325ft/lbs.

Refresh Kit
  • Carbon 3-4 rings
  • 3 piece 1-2 rings
  • Brass 5th gear ring
  • Shift Pads
  • Front & Rear seals
Rebuilt Kit
  • Refresh kit plus:
  • All bearings
  • Tailshaft bushing
  • Shift lever bushing
  • Small parts (shims, keys, springs, etc)
  Exploded View T45    
*Pictures may not be of actual parts