RAM Clutches 80-2265NS – FORCE 10.5 DUAL DISC METALLIC FORD MOD. 6 BOLT 164 TOOTH 1 1/8-26


RAM Clutches 80-2265NS RAM Force 10.5 dual disc metallic

SKU: HMS-80-2265NS



  • 8 bolt modular steel flywheel 164 tooth
  • Fits 1 1/16-10 spline
  • 900 series sprung top disc
  • 900 Series solid center bottom disc
  • Strap driven floater plate
  • Quiet operation, no floater plate rattle
  • For applications up to 1050 hp
  • Made in the USA


Clutch Kit, FORCE 10.5 DUAL DISC – FORD modular motor 2001-2010.

RAM Force 10.5 dual disc clutch kits have a strap-driven floater plate and are precision-balanced for quiet operation. The sprung hub top disc absorbs shock and reduces driveline noise. Force clutches are available with your choice of a 300 Series friction disc or a 900 Series disc. The 300 Series organic disc models are capable of handling 500 to 800 hp; while the 900 Series metallic models can handle between 600 and 1,200 hp. These kits use a marcel spring—a thin, wavy device that helps to eliminate the go-or-no-go tendency that similar dual disc clutches have. RAM Force 10.5 dual disc clutch kits include a billet aluminum, SFI-certified flywheel with a steel insert that has sufficient mass to draw heat away from the clutch without distortion. Some kits are available with a steel flywheel. Order the model recommended for your vehicle and engine application.

YouTube Link: Force 10.5 Ram Dual Disc w/flywheel 

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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