RAM Clutches 75-2100N – RAM Force 9.5 Dual Disc Ceramic Clutch Kits


RAM Clutches 75-2100N RAM Force 9.5 dual disc ceramic

SKU: HMS-75-2100N



  • 6 bolt ‘0’ balance aluminum flywheel 168 tooth
  • 1 1/8-26 spline
  • 900 series ceramic sprung top disc, solid center bottom disc
  • Strap driven floater plate
  • For applications up to 800 hp
  • Made in the USA


Clutch Kit, FORCE 9.5 DUAL DISC – Chevrolet, w/ Flywheel

The Force 9.5 dual disc system may be the ideal entry level dual disc for your application. The Force 9.5 features an integral steel or aluminum flywheel, properly balanced for your engine out of the box, as the basis for the clutch system. Precision machined billet flywheel provides a stable mounting platform. Each unit is set up on the flywheel before shipping to insure proper release once the clutch is installed. The Force 9.5 is available for most any engine platform and in most cases, are a direct bolt in replacement for the factory clutch. Available with 300 Series organic friction material for a super-smooth engagement on the street and holding power up to 750 HP.  A 900 Series metallic version is available for extreme duty/competition and is capable of holding in excess of 1000 horsepower.

YouTube Link: Force 9.5 Ram Dual Disc w/flywheel 

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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