Ram Clutches

  • Founded by John Norcia in Canton, Ohio in 1971. Relocated in Columbia, SC since 1983
  • Family owned and now operated by sons, Mike and Pat Norcia
  • Owners work closely with racing teams, particularly those in drag racing where, since 1987, Ram has brought success to dozens of teams at national level
  • Complete in-house machining capabilities (6 CNC machines, 2 Blanchard grinders, 2 balancing tables)
  • First to introduce the 3-paddle drag racing clutch with metallic pads (1972), which instantly eliminated all broken clutch hub troubles—a common failing at that time. -Patent obtained on 3-paddle design in 1974
  • Pioneered and patented the Poly-Coil clutch hub spring (1978), which dramatically increased the capability and the life of the clutch center plate
  • First to develop 6-1/4 inch circle track clutches – smaller diameter, quicker acceleration
  • Introduced Carbon-Carbon friction technology to professional clutch systems in 1983, which gave racers a softer engagement off the starting line
  • Introduced RAM Coupler for circle track racing in 1984.  This unique product weighs 5 pounds and is 4 ¾ in diameter!
  • Produces all flywheels, hydraulic bearings, and many small parts in-house
  • Proprietary clutch covers for Mustang and LS applications mean consistent static pressures and uninterrupted delivery to customers
  • Produces the only stand-driven Street Dual disc systems that allow the floater to drive positively off a stand, rather than depending on a strap.  Better for higher hp applications.
  • Ram billet racing clutch systems have been used by 13 of the last 15 IHRA Pro Stock champions,  every ADRL Pro Stock Champion,  every PDRA Pro Stock -Champion, NHRA Pro Mod and ADRL champion Mike Castellana, as well as NHRA Pro Mod champion Rickie Smith.

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