HMS TR-6060 / T-56 Mag / T-56 Mag XL Refresh Kit


Fits TR-6060, T-56 Magnum, T-56 Mag XL Transmissions

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SKU: HMS-6060/MAG-K2


  • TR-6060 Transmission Refresh Kit
  • 24 Piece Kit
  • Genuine Tremec Parts
  • Fits TR-6060 Transmissions

Refreshes Transmission Life. Is your TR-6060 Transmission starting to grind? Then refresh it with this convenient Hanlon Motorsports TR-6060 Transmission Refresh Kit. This kit will not only get rid of that annoying grind, but it will also improve longevity of your transmission.

Quality. When you’re adding performance parts to your vehicle, you can’t go wrong by installing parts from the folks that know it best. All parts are OEM Tremec quality parts.

Application. This Hanlon Motorsports 24 piece TR-6060 Transmission Refresh Kit is designed for use on TR-6060 transmissions.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in