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Hanlon Motorsports is your one stop shop for all your transmisson needs including G-Force parts and complete transmissions.

Call to order your parts today, or to arrange for us to convert your T-5 into a G-Force T-5.

Get Your T-45 Parts here!

T45 parts, shift forks and rebuilt kits are now available!


Call to order your parts today, or to arrange for us to rebuild your T45.


Cable clutch conversions are available for early Ford mechanical clutch assemblies. 

Dimensions for 3550 / TKO / TKO transmissions available HERE

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Ram Clutches
Ram Clutches

Redline Oils
Red Line Oil

Pro 5.0 Shifters
Pro 5.0 Shifters


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    Upgraded brass friction lined blocker ring for 3550, TKO, 500, 600

    Provides smoother shifting at higher RPM than the standard brass ring.

    Welcome to HanlonMotorsports.Com, the home of the fastest Tremec-equipped 5.0. Hanlon Motorsports specializes in Tremec / Borg Warner transmissions. We offer service for both Ford and General Motors manual transmissions including T5, T45, T56, 3050, 3060, 6060, as well as aftermarket Tremec designs like the TKO, 500, 600, etc. It it's based on a Tremec design we're your source no matter if it's aftermarket, car, truck (2wd/4wd). We have been featured in many magazines including Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford, 5.0 Mustang, Hot Rod, Car Craft and many others.

     Hanlon Motorsports can provide you with a new T5, Tremec TKO 500 or TKO 600 transmission. Occasionally we also have rebuilt transmissions available, call for availability and pricing . If you are happy with you current transmission, let us rebuild it for you. We can rebuild and upgrade your Borg-Warner / Tremec World Class and Non-World Class T5 transmission as well as the Tremec T45, 3550 and TKO / TKO II, TKO 500 / 600. 

    If you would like to rebuild your transmission yourself, we now have a video available that shows you, step by step what to do.

    We also are an area distributor for Ram clutches, Pro 5.0 shifters and Redline oils. 

    Give us a call and you'll be happy you did.

    We don't claim to be the largest, just the best!

    Hanlon Motorsports
    3621 St. Peters Road
    St. Peters, PA 19470

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    Hanlon Motorsports Hours:
    Monday to Friday
    9:00am - 5:00pm EST
    By Appointment 

    *Prices are subject to change.
    Please call for latest price and availability.

    - Hanlon Motorsports mgt.

GM Transmissions

Tremec TKO transmissions are available for GM cars!

Replace the worn out T10 or Muncie in your GM muscle car with a brand-new over-drive transmission rated at 500-600+ hp for only $Call

Mid Shift Conversion!

Mid shift conversions are available that relocate the shifter about seven inches forward on your Tremec 3550, TKO and TKO II, TKO 500 / 600.

This conversion is perfect for street rods and many bench seat cars. Call for price.

Featured Products

New "Z" T5..............$1,395.00

GM Spec. TKO....$Call

T5 Rebuild Kits 
(4 to choose from)
From $79.95 to $249.95

Tremec Service Manual..$19.95

T5 Repair Video.......$19.95
Tremec Repair Video....$19.95

T5 "Steel" Bearing Retainer
Only $49.00

Pro 5.0 Shifters....$Call

Good used parts are available. Call to see if we have what you're looking for.


Call and ask us about how we can save your non-Cobra T5 main shaft and convert it to the Cobra style caged bearing style. 


T5 Tech Tip

Click here and see why you should upgrade your Ford T5's aluminum bearing retainer with a steel bearing retainer.

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